Melbourne’s Best Burgers – Where to find the best burgers in Melbourne

Anyone who has spent any time in Melbourne will understand why it holds the title of foodie capital of Australia, from its iconic brunch scene to the award-winning dumplings in Chinatown and the best Margherita pizza in the world on Lygon Street (Little Italy).

But the crowning jewel of the Melbourne food scene has to be its burgers!

With what feels like another burger joint on every street corner, Melbournians really love a good burger, and rightly so, but this can also make choosing where to go slightly overwhelming.

To help you navigate Melbourne’s immense burger scene, I did my best to try as many as possible (based on local recommendations) in order to produce this guide to the best burgers in Melbourne…


Where to eat Melbourne’s best burgers:


When you’re walking down Easey Street in the cool Eastern neighbourhood of Collingwood, it’s all too easy to miss the bizarre train carriages hovering 5 stories above the ground on an unsuspecting rooftop.

But head inside to the graffitied cafe on the ground floor below and climb up the dark winding staircase to find one of Melbourne’s coolest burger joints.

Easeys Burgers Melbourne Train Carriages

As well as the unique location inside of an old converted Melbourne train carriage with cool retro decor and great views out over the city, Easey’s also undoubtedly serves up some of the best burgers in Melbourne.

Try the delicious ‘Rowdy Cheeseburger’ made up of Easey’s classic smashed patty with cheese, bacon, jalapeños, gherkins, onions, ketchup and mayo. Or if you’re feeling particularly hungry, you can take on the almighty ‘Metropolitan Mayhem’ challenge (I’ll let you find out more about this one).

And whatever you do, don’t miss Easey’s mouth-wateringly tasty Mac N Cheese, either on its own, inside your burger, deep-fried as Mac N Cheese bites or loaded onto a portion of fries. With so many options, there’s no excuse not to try this Melbournian classic!

Melbourne's best burgers at Easeys

In addition to the refurbished train interior, Easey’s also has an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your burger and a beer or cocktail on a sunny day, taking in the venue’s great views over Melbourne.

Insider Tip: Easey’s is probably one of Melbourne’s most popular burger joints, especially with locals, so the small venue can get particularly busy. At peak times you might want to try booking a table in advance and bear in mind that there’s a 1.5hr time restriction per table during busy periods.

Area: Collingwood.

Address: 3/48 Easey St, Collingwood VIC 3066.




If you’re looking for a quiet and romantic date spot, B-EAST may not be for you, but if you’re wanting a fun and lively place to start a night out with a tasty burger and a couple of beers, look no further.

B-EAST is a casual burger joint and bar in the trendy area of Brunswick East with live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

The B-EAST burger joint in Melbourne

B-EAST is open during the day for a quieter experience, however, of an evening this unpretentious diner on upper Lygon street attracts Melbourne’s young hipster crowd, with its cool grunge decor, chilled vibe, alternative and rock music, craft beers and great food.

At the weekend, local bands play live from 8pm until the early hours of the morning.

As well as the beer and bands, their juicy burgers have helped put B-EAST on Melbourne’s foodie map, with entertaining name’s including the ‘Sexy Beast’, ’Holy Cheezus’ and ‘Clint Beastwood’ (I’m always a fan of a good pun).


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The American-style beef, chicken and pork burgers come smothered in a variety of delicious toppings such as jack cheddar, Mac & Cheese, crispy bacon, bbq and ranch sauce, served inside of soft brioche buns.

There is also an extensive selection of veggie and vegan burgers, as well as gluten-free buns and vegan cheese, making B-EAST great for everyone.

Area: Brunswick.

Address80 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057.



Pablo’s Escoburgers

A pop-up burger joint which has caused international controversy ever since it’s opening due to its wordplay featuring notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and it’s drug themed burgers, Pablo’s Escoburger is not a place for the easily offended.

The restaurant is entirely themed around the infamous drug kingpin, with the signature ‘Patron (boss) burger’ coming with a line of white garlic powder on top and a rolled-up fake US$100 note.

Other burgers include the ‘Sicario (killer) burger’, ‘Billetico (billion dollars) burger’ and the ‘Gringo (American) hot dog’, as well as the popular side of onion rings creatively being renamed ‘handcuffs’.


But looking past the controversial theme and novelty extras, Pablo’s burgers can certainly be ranked among the best burgers in Melbourne, with the ‘Narcos (nachos) burger’ with beef, cheese, tortilla chips and homemade chilli being my personal favourite.

Each of the burgers is also garnished with Pablo’s ‘Cartel Secret Sauce’ or ‘Coke Sauce’, giving the burgers their unique twist which can’t be found elsewhere in the city.


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For early risers, Pablo’s is open from 6:30am on weekdays serving tasty breakfast burgers and burritos, whilst for the night owls, the burger joint is open until 1am from Thursday to Sunday for late night burgers and drinks.

Insider Tip: Pablos’s isn’t the easiest place to find at first. The burger joint is located in the back room of a small coffee shop. When trying to find it, look out for the menu pinned up outside, then enter the coffee shop and enter Pablo’s through a (less than obvious) door located to the side of the counter.

Area: St Kilda.

Address173 High St, Prahran VIC 3181.



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Monroe’s Burgers & Beers

Another of Melbourne’s best burger joints for those who support the ‘bigger is better’ argument when it comes to burgers, Monroe’s Burgers and Beers is home to some of the most over the top and insta-worthy burgers in Melbourne.

Melbourne's best burger, Monroes beef burger with onion rings

Monroe’s can be found in the busy area of St Kilda, which is known for its water-front location south of the city and its young international community. The restaurant is a casual yet cool spot to grab a burger and beer after a day on the beach, with large floor to ceiling windows which lead out onto the bustling party street outside.

The burgers themselves are all large and tasty, served in soft milk buns and many with comical puns as names (Aussie’s really love their puns), including the ‘Baby Cheesus’ and ‘Cluckin’ Delicious’.

Insider Tip: Visit Monroe’s website to find the ‘Secret Menu Items’, which feature several of the best burgers including two of my personal favourites (and the most extravagant);

’The Ron Burgundy’ which comes with a whole deep fried wheel of brie cheese(!!), plus maple bacon, scotch and honey bbq sauce, blackberry and onion jam, American cheddar, french fries and hickory baconaise.

Baby Got Mac’ with both beef and southern fried chicken, mac and cheese, American cheddar, chilli and garlic mayonnaise, tie goring spiced secret sauce and grilled onion.

Area: St Kilda.

Address107 Acland St, St Kilda VIC 3182



Mary’s (NEW – Open January 2020)

Early this year Sydney’s most popular burger joint Mary’s opened its first branch in Melbourne.

Having tried Mary’s in Sydney I was extremely excited for this great addition to Melbourne’s burger scene, and after trying the new burger joint in Melbourne I can confirm it certainly lives up to its older sister in Sydney.

Melbourne's best burger joints, Marys Melbourne with dark decor and sign reading 'f*ck Marys' on the wall

The quirky dive bar is located down a discrete alleyway with a door only distinguishable by the red lightbulb and graffiti writing stating ‘Melbourne <3 Mary’s‘.

Inside, Marys is located over two stories, dimly lit by rows of flickering candles and with walls sprawled in graffiti. 


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The melt-in-your-mouth patties are made with some of the best beef in Australia, whilst the delicious trashcan bacon is smoked on-site. Although they’ve not been around long, it’s safe to say that Mary’s serves up some of the best burgers in Melbourne CBD. 

As well as the traditional sides such as fries, Mary’s also serves one of the tastiest dishes of mash potato and gravy you’ll find in the whole of Aus (one for my fellow Brits there).

Area: CBD.

Address: 167 Franklin Street Melbourne 3000.



Demazzi, an unsuspecting steakhouse in Essendon, definitely serves the best burger in Melbourne for those who simply can’t decide which type of burger they want, with their mammoth ‘Tower burger‘ featuring beef, bacon, pulled pork and fried chicken!

Or if that’s just a bit too much for you to handle, my personal favourite burger at Demazzi has to be the delicious ‘Kentucky burger‘ with buttermilk chicken in house secret spices, fried with double cheese, double bacon, jalapenos and pink sauce – one of the best chicken burgers you’ll find in the city! The rest of the burgers at Demazzi are still huge but not quite the size of the monstrous Tower burger.

Huge burger with every type of meat inside

As well as delicious burgers, Demazzi is also known for its succulent meat served on volcanic stone, massive loaded milkshakes and sugar coma-inducing dessert platters.

Plus the restaurant’s lovely outdoor terrace is the ideal place to enjoy a beer and burger on a sunny evening in Melbourne.

Area: Essendon.

Address: 1142 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon VIC 3040.



Rude Boy Burgers

Rude Boy Burger is a popular eat in or take out burger joint located in Melbourne’s Brunswick West, serving large #foodporn worthy burgers for extremely affordable prices.

The thick and juicy beef patties are all made using 100% wagyu beef, with the DBC being the burger joints biggest hit (standing for double bacon double cheese). Whilst the fried chicken tenders with glazed maple syrup is another popular choice.


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And if the huge and filling burger doesn’t fill you up completely, be sure to also try one of Rude Boy’s 7 different types of loaded fries, such as the ‘Ghetto Fries’ with cheese sauce, avocado, chipotle relish and jalapenos, or the ‘Cubano Fries’ with slow-roasted pork shoulder, chorizo, mustard, pickles, cheese sauce and mojo mayo.

To drink, Rude Boy has a great selection of unique milkshakes, including their most famous, the ‘Tim-Tam shake’ featuring Australia’s most famous and delicious chocolate bar.

Insider Tip: This part of Brunswick West isn’t an area that you might necessarily be visiting, however, Rude Boy Burgers is a good option for a tasty takeaway dinner to take with you to Village Cinema’s Drive-In movie theatre in nearby Coburg. Ultimate date night goals – if you have a car of course!

Area: Brunswick.

Address: 482 Albion Street, Brunswick West VIC 3055.



Harding’s Burger Central Reservoir

Disclaimer: I tried Harding’s as a takeaway so I can’t tell you much about the restaurant itself, but I can still confirm that it’s a really great burger!

Harding’s Burger Central Reservoir is a casual late-night burger joint in Melbourne’s northern suburb of Reservoir, serving tasty and affordable burgers until 2am (3am on Thursday and Friday).

Take away burger from Hardings in Melbourne

Although not quite as extravagant as some others on this list, Harding’s is a local and reliable spot where you can always guarantee a delicious burger, and which is particularly popular with locals! Angus beef or crumbed chicken breast is served with a variety of traditional fillings on toasted brioche buns branded with Harding’s iconic ‘H’.

You can also choose from a selection of tasty sides including sweet potato fries (some of the best I’ve had in a long time!), cheese and gravy fries and Mac & Cheese croquettes.

Area: Reservoir.

Address:25 Johnson St, Reservoir VIC 3073.



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